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  • Šest mesečnih vikend seminarjev
    Na teh srečanjih bo rdeča nit ne zgolj osvajanje temeljnih principov AK, temveč predvsem integracija pridobljenega znanja in veščin v vsakdanje življenje: družino, odnose do staršev, partnerjev, otrok, avtoritet, v intimo, v poslovne aspekte življenja itd…
  • Možnost osebnega stika
    Program nudi tudi možnost mesečnih brezplačnih eno urnih osebnih konzultacij in seans NVC coachinga z vodjo Programa, Edmondom C. v živo, po izbiri udeležencev/k.
  • Moderno e-learning podporo online.
    Vse priročnike, praktične naloge za doma, audio posnetki predavanj in vse ostalo bo na voljo tudi online, v obliki moderne platforme za e-učenje ter tudi na Dropboxu Inštituta.
  • Podpora na daljavo
    Program nudi brezplačno podporo glede integracije pridobljenega znanja v vsakdanje življenje, prek interneta s pomočjo aplikacije skype. Tako se lahko udeleženci/ke mirno zanesejo na strokovno in empatično podporo ko in če jo bodo potrebovali.
  • Dodana vrednost znanj in veščin
    V Program so integrirana znanja in veščine Dialoškega dela oz dela z I-pozicijami, vzpostavljanje in vzdrževanje stika na nivoju Zavesti, Wilberjeva preglednica stanj zavesti, znanstvena dejstva iz nevrobiologije, kognitivne psihologije itd…
  • Elementi coachinga.
    V našem novem Programu so na voljo tudi specifični elementi coachinga, ki so dodana vrednost klasičnemu podajanju NVC snovi. Krajši coachingi bodo na voljo tudi med samimi predavanji vsakomur, ki bo to želel. Coaching v živo pa je seveda na voljo v enournih individualnih srečanjih v živo vsak mesec.
  • Seanse psihoterapije
    Kot dodana vrednost so udeležencev/k na voljo tudi seanse humanistične in transpersonalne psihoterapije TCT®, po ugodni, 30% znižani ceni. Če udelčeženci/ke tako izberejo, seveda. Te seanse so torej neobveznega značaja.

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Ice is only water

There seem to be many paths and methods which all lead to permanent happiness. There is the form and there is the formless. In transpersonal psychology that would translate, in my opinion, to the Subtle and the Causal level.

Anandamayi puts it beautifully:

“Thus both water and ice partake of the nature of eternity, Likewise, He is as indubitably with form as He is without. When with form, which can be compared to ice, He appears clad in limitless different shapes and modes of being – which are actually spiritual in nature.

Depending on one’s avenue of approach, prominence is given to one particular form.

Through every religious sect, He gives Himself to Himself, and the value of each of these sects for the individual is that they each indicate a different method to Self-knowledge. He alone is water as well as ice.

What is there in ice? Nothing but water.”

- Anandamayi

What I hear in Her words is that Love is all around me :)



The mirror

I have been involved in private psychotherapy and consulting practice more or less actively since 1996. You might imagine that I have been privileged to witness really a lot of transformation and progress in the lives of my clients thus far.

And I am grateful for that. You know, in humanistic and transpersonal therapy and consulting, the client and therapist are always working as a team. Progress is realized by both. That’s my experience.


What I share below, I would have never ever said to a client in a session, for it is important to me that similar realizations are born from within the client’s heart, when the time is right.

Here we go:

“Those people that do not understand you, maybe even downright reject you behind your back, and all others who are not really honest with you and are only manipulating you and taking advantage of you, remember them?

And others, who are not really giving anything to you, who only take from you and in effect only hurting you? Remember them?

And those close to your heart, who kind of understand you but not really, and others who say I love you, but you know in your heart that their love is not really the Love you feel for them – remember them?

And those significant others, who are looking at you, listening but not really hearing you? And those who talk with you, but still say nothing, who stay together with you but still leave you alone in the end?
Remember them?

If all those people would really really really understand, really feel and accept you as you are along with your courage, honesty, purity and willingness to sacrifice for the well-being of others – would they give you a medal, do you think? A tangible recognition of some sort for your qualities, you hope?

Would you have it professionally framed and hang it on your wall to look at and remind you of your pure and honest heart?

All you would need for that, my friend, is a mirror.”

<warm look>



Wilber map & relationships

Well, it seems that the blog titled “Wilber map for dummies” (you can read it here >>) contributed to understanding of the Wilber map somewhat and a few very interesting questions arose (thank you!) about the Wilber map & relationships.

Before we get right down to it, I would to point out that in real life the attainment of certain stages of awareness as per Wilber map is not as clearly cut as it may seem. And so a person may be intellectually very well on the spiritual Subtle level and emotionally still struggling and slowly pulling herself out of Mental ego level (clearing out the Shadow). There are various components of our inner life that need to be considered: emotional life, morality, intellectual capacities, empirical component etc…

In my answers below I write as if the persons are fully established at each level of identity development under discussion.

Q: I am wondering if it is possible for two persons at different levels of awareness to be in a really loving relationship.
Say one on the Mental ego level and the other on the Authentic level.

A: That is an excellent question!
Well, while in relationships everything is subjective and situations vary, I seriously doubt it that a Mental Ego oriented person and an Authentic one would have a chance in long-term and loving relationship.

You see, there is a whole Universe of differences between these two levels, as far as I can see. Mental level is in my opinion and experiences very dry, fast and more or less devoid of any responsibility.

And that alone is in a stark contrast with the soft, empathic and responsible Authentic level. Responsibility I am speaking about here is the very important process of assuming full responsibility for one’s own emotions, thoughts, words and deeds. And that seems to happen only after the Shadow has been cleared out, thus attaining the Authentic level for good.

In my observation, an Authentic person simply would not find a relationship with a Mental level partner satisfying. Mental Ego level seems to be filled with pieces of information on how one ought to live (instead of how one wants to live, in his heart), there is a lot of argumentative communication and analysis and labeling (instead of felling with others, compassionately), safe distance from others (and from oneself, of course, and from facing deeper reality squarely) and virtually no contact with real inner life, i.e. emotions and needs/potentials.

Of course, an Authentic person has seen through those mental structures and doesn’t really need them anymore. What fills his/her heart with joy is deep and heartfelt contact with someone, trust, openness and working together, as a team, giving and receiving, lovingly and freely from the heart.

Mental level person would have a very hard time trying to keep up with the spontaneous and free-from-limiting-structures thinking that an Authentic person employs. Also, true and honest communication, based on clear awareness of authentic emotions and needs, is to a Mental ego what might a Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Mechanics mean to a Newtonian physicist: an enigma, for the most part.

In other words, a Mental level person has yet to learn how to live in harmony with inner authentic emotions and needs, something that an Authentic level person lives day in day out, easily.

A Mental Ego on the other hand, would probably need a time off, a break of some sort and a structured procedure on daily bases even to come into direct contact with his feelings and needs, what to speak about living in harmony with the inner Life.

In my experiences and also according to my observations, a really loving and lasting relationship is full of present and authentic feelings and needs that both partners are fully aware of and where both are willingly and spontaneously sharing inner Life as it unfolds in real time. And a Mental Ego, in my opinion, doesn’t have what it takes, yet.

In my opinion, a Mental Ego usually employs different “tools” in relationships, which might include manipulation, highly mentally structured plans and expectations, masks such as social status, education titles, money, power, body even etc… to present and express him/herself to others.

Authentic person is on totally different planet, in my opinion. Being in deep contact with his own emotions and needs is easy for him. No problems. It is easy to set and observe clear boundaries for an Authentic person. Also a paradoxical thinking is not a problem at this level, something that a Mental Ego hardly understands and embraces not, not even by far, it seems.

Personal freedom is what an Authentic person enjoys, and that is something a Mental Ego still needs to attain. Till then, well, you wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with his/her mother or father, yes? Well that’s maybe what a Mental Ego person, still overwhelmed by Shadow, acts as: not as a fully developed person, but as a mix of influences from father, mother, instructors, professors, TV, systems etc.

No, my opinion based on experiences suggest that an Authentic level person is not a good match for a Mental Ego. Unless the Authentic Self chooses to be with a Mental Ego, of course.


Q: OK, what about a person on the Subtle level? Would she be a good match to persons that are NOT yet at the Subtle level?

A: Nope.
Well, that’s my opinion.

You see, a Subtle level person is truly spiritually realized soul which not only sees through the Mental Ego limitations, but also through Authenticity itself.

Subtle level person is even more open, more free-flowing, for she is in direct contact with her immortal and perfect Soul (and other perfect Beings upon the Subtle transpersonal level). And that is something that even fully self-actualized and Authentic person still hasn’t come even close to.

You see, at the Subtle transpersonal level, there is no need for structure that seems to be so precious to both Mental and Authentic levels. A Subtle level person is free flowing, using no structure in his/her decisions. It is a transpersonal or spiritual impulses from within that such as person seem to follow, not social or intellectual or personal guidelines. And that in itself might be a huge challenge to a partner that is not yet at the Subtle level.

The Subtle Self seems to be self-sufficient and satisfied from within, while an Authentic Self still thinks he has to change things, on the inside and also on the outside.

So, no, I don’t see a bright future for a relationship with a Subtle level person and Mental/Authetnic level person. Unless the Subtle Self chooses otherwise.


Q: What about the Causal Self? How does a person at this level function in a loving relationship?

In my opinion, s/he doesn’t.

The Causal level is so far above the personal ones, and so fulfilling in itself (atma-rama in Sanskrit) that such a person finds nothing worth while in a personal relationships.

Maybe thats why all of the liberated Masters from the past and present, are single. No need for anything. The Causal Self is the only one in Existence, so why bother with “others”?

And pretty much the same goes for a Nondual level person. There is no lust left in Nondual, no desires, no clinging and no craving.

And if by some twist of fate a Causal Self got involved with a person, any person really, He would be of perfect support.



Odstranjevanje in menjava nekonstruktivnih čustveno-mentalnih stanj

Sri YantraVčasih mi uspe iz distance pogledati to, kar počnem(o) s pomočjo Enotnega Polja v seansah TCT®-ja in tudi nasploh, in je-bela-cesta, vse je več ali manj v nasprotju z vsemi meni poznanimi zakoni materialne narave.

Kolega je recimo s pomočjo Enotnega polja ustavil hudo krvavitev na daljavo, drugi kolega je 5 letni punčki s pomočjo Enotnega polja odstranil tumor na prstku rokice, pred mojimi očmi je stranka pozdravila “neozdravljivi” sistemski lupus (!), da o preseganju neozdravljive “bolezni” depresije niti na govorim itd… itd… itd…

Po drugi stani pa nič novega, podobne procese recimo Kabalisti in Tantriki uporabljajo že na tisoče let.

No, kakor koli že, spodaj objavljam del besedila iz Priročnika “Metodologija Transpersonal Cognitive Therapy: osnovni elementi seanse“, ki je delni rezultat empirične raziskave na temo uporabe transpersonalnih stanj zavesti v seansah psihoterapije (povezave do strokovnih esejev na to temo lahko najdete spodaj):

“Pri procesu menjave nekonstruktivnih čustveno-mentalnih stanj oz. pri odstranjevanju ovir na poti do cilja stranke, gre v bistvu za direkten poseg v strukturo psihe. Natančneje povedano, s pomočjo Enotnega polja posegamo v nezavedni del človeške psihe, direktno od znotraj. Pri tem procesu torej ne gre za sugestije, avtosugestije, hipnotične sugestije ali procese, ki se uporabljajo pri NLP-ju (denimo t.i. »sidranje občutkov« s pomočjo lastne volje), ampak za direktno transformacijo negativne energije v nezavednem. Ta transformacija se v bistvu vedno zgodi v trenutku, le fizično telo potrebuje nekaj časa (to lahko traja tudi več dni), da vse te spremembe integrira.

Tehnično gledano se nekateri posegi v psiho (v tem kontekstu psiha pomeni čustveno/mentalno telo) vršijo ne glede na privolitev subjekta. To se dogaja neprestano, vsak dan. Reklame na TV-ju recimo so posegi v našo psiho, v bistvu namerni in strukturirani vplivi, ki naj bi rezultirali v nakupu novega praška za pomivanje posode, recimo. Posegi v psiho so seveda tudi vplivi drugih ljudi, predvsem tistih, ki jih cenimo in spoštujemo. To so posredni posegi.

Poseg v psiho, ki se zgodi v seansah TCT®, pa je bolj specifičen. Kot že rečeno, zgodi se vedno (seveda, če je terapevt tega vešč) s pomočjo Enotnega polja. Torej, iz Enotnega polja zavesti, t.i. kavzalnega transpersonalnega nivoja, se s pomočjo terapevtove namere in strankinega dovoljenja izvede sprememba v njeni psihi, direktno in iz globin zavesti stranke, ne od zunaj. Zelo pomembno je, da razumemo, da je tak poseg lahko trajno uspešen ali pa tudi ne. Če je stranka res pripravljena napredovati in se morda celo spremeniti in zaživeti brez negativnosti v umu in čustvenemu telesu (sem jezen in jeza, recimo), potem je lahko tak poseg tudi trajen. V nasprotnem primeru gre le za lepotno oz. površinsko operacijo, ki stranki prav zares ne pomaga.

Pri odstranjevanju ovir gre torej za tehnični zaključek vsega, kar smo v seansah do te točke uspeli doseči s stranko. Ozaveščanje, soočanje, poglabljanje realnosti in integracija/napredek. Ta proces je izrednega pomena, menjava vzorcev je zgolj dodana vrednost v temu procesu.

Velikokrat se izkaže, da tako direktni poseg v psiho niti ni potreben; stranka velikokrat že v procesu ozaveščanja in soočanja toliko poglobi realnost, da menjava vzorcev enostavno ni potrebna. Njena zavest dobesedno presvetli negativnosti, s katerimi se je prej identificirala.

Na podlagi rezultatov 28 mesečne empirične raziskave (500 seans in 211 oseb) je odstranjevanje ovir (mentalnih vzorcev in čustvenih blokad) v trenutku (torej, v parih minutah) učinkovito v naslednjih situacijah:

  1. Oseba se je pripravljena soočiti (občutiti, si priznati, ozavestiti) z mentalnimi in čustvenimi negativnostmi v njej sami.
    To je vsekakor osnovni pogoj. Dokler oseba še vedno zanika oz. se o svojih težavah niti noče pogovarjati, je proces odstranjevanja ovir brezpredmeten in tako napredek le (če proces terapevt sploh uporabi) plitek in kratkotrajen.
  2. Oseba je odprta na možnost, da je taka hitra sprememba in napredek sploh možen zanjo.
    Praviloma stranke verjamejo, da je za napredek potrebno trpeti, zanj garati in da kar tako na hitro ne bo šlo (ker je za napredek potreben čas, na primer).
    Potem je tukaj vsekakor tudi vprašanje usode, karme, poslanstva na Zemlji, izbire duše in ostalih New age primesi, s katerimi je prenekatera oseba poistovetena in jo dobesedno blokira pri napredku.
    Vse to so seveda le prikriti in nezavedni vzorci vedenja, s katerimi se te osebe same sebe nevede ovirajo v življenju. V takih primerih je potrebno najprej delati na teh sistemih prepričanj in šele nato uporabiti naš proces.
  3. Oseba zaupa v obstoj višjih stanj zavesti.
    Veliko ljudi ima vsaj bežne izkušnje z meditacijami, yogo, mistiko itd… kar jim omogoča zaupanje v višja stanja zavesti.Izpostaviti je potrebno, da ta vera oz. zaupanje nima direktne povezave z religioznostjo. Pravzaprav je ravno nasprotno (glede na delo z osebami v omenjeni raziskavi): bolj kot je oseba religiozna, manj je odprta na tako hitre in enostavne rešitve njenih težav. Morda zato, ker je za napredek potrebno trpeti (kot je Jezus), trdo delati za napredek (kot pravi Cerkev in naši predniki) itd…?
  1. Oseba je res pripravljena živeti brez bremena vse te negativnosti v njenem življenju.
    Čeprav se morda sliši neverjetno, se v seansah velikokrat izkaže, da oseba prav zares ni pripravljena napredovati in pustiti za sabo njene dosedanje in/ali trenutne načine vedenja. Za nekatere je življenje v bolj pristnem stiku s sabo in drugimi (ter svojimi čustvi in čustvi drugih) prezahtevno, očitno. Lažje je vztrajati v znanem notranjem okolju negativnosti, bolezni, nezadovoljstva in hrepenenja po nečem boljšem.
    Take osebe potem praviloma ne napredujejo in gredo naprej le v iskanju novih terapij, metod in poti, ki naj bi ji pomagale pri nečem, kar lahko storijo le same. Napredek je, na koncu koncev, namreč zavestna izbira. Drugače povedano, napredek NI odvisen od terapevtov, števila obiskanih seminarjev in seans in niti od uporabljenih tehnik in metod.
  2. Oseba je pripravljena na spremembo in se iskreno namerava spremeniti in storiti vse, kar je v njeni moči, da napreduje v življenju.
    Pomembne in značilne izjave nekoga, ki ima te lastnosti so:
    – Ne morem in nočem več živeti tako, prosim, odstrani vse te negativnosti.
    – Želim živeti, želim zopet svobodno dihati.
    – Dovolj mi je smiljenja sami sebi, želim spremembo.

Če oseba ni prav zares iskreno voljna spremembe v življenju, se bo vsa spremenjena in odstranjena negativnost slej kot prej zopet manifestirala v njenem življenju. Trajnega napredka tako ne bo.

Torej, osebe, ki imajo vse zgoraj naštete značilnosti, lahko s procesom menjave vzorcev in čustvenih blokad s pomočjo Enotnega polja napredujejo zelo hitro in trajno. Spremembe v percepciji takih oseb so v bistvu trenutne in trajne.”

(iz Priročnika “Metodologija Transpersonal Cognitive Therapy: osnovni elementi seanse”)

Sorodna besedila (odprejo se nove strani, potrebovali boste tudi Acrobar Reader):

Wilber map for dummies :)

Writing mostly in a playful mode and yet maybe seriously, too:

We are in a hotel, my friend and me, having overwhelmingly huge  breakfast. And she looks into my eyes and blows me a kiss over the table.

And lets say that in my head and heart the following happens (as per Wilber map of stages of human consciousness):
Mental Ego

In a department of my consciousness labeled intellect, there is a Board of directors and all twelve of them are closely following everything that is going on. All of them are proud that they finally made it and became members of the Board. The illustrious Board basically decides about everything that is supposed to be happening on the planet integral.life.

They have a huge at least 90 inch LCD monitor on the wall of the room and are playing the “blowing kiss” sequence back and forth, watching it over and over again.

All of them are staring at the wall and hastily taking notes. All members of the Board are writing and writing notes, comparing the current situation with similar memories, analyzing the expression on the woman’s face and in her eyes, ambient noise and everything else.

They write and write and express their opinions aloud without any consideration for others. They don’t really hear one another and cant seem to find a compromise what to do. Each member wants to be the one who decides and all of them are gunning for the honor, for they are aware that their ruling over such matters is not as definitive as it used to be. At least in the head they want to build up their self-importance, for in the real integral.life they are not listened to anymore.

Members are all very intelligent, but full of hundreds and hundreds of pieces of information, projections, doubts, expectations, plans, fears, dysfunctional mental representations, and they are even looking into mystical-analytical tools such as tarot, I-ching, jyotish with the aim of reaching deeper understanding of what is happening etc. and, above all, all of them exhibit obsessive need for control.

On and on they go:
What to do? What does this woman want, really? What is her intention? What the f**k is happening? What is acceptable to do now? Jeez, what this woman just did is not socially acceptable!  etc. etc.

Well, and while the Board is debating endlessly, the room enters:


Authentic Self

Upon the entrance of the Authentic Self seven members simply lose their consciousness, for the presence of the Authentic Self is so powerful that intellect cant really deal with it. Scores of papers are flying up in the air, some members fall back, some hit the table with their foreheads and two of them even collapse to the flour. The rest five members of the Board are lost for words, thinking, now we are done for, oh my god.

Authentic Self knows all of the Board members intimately and the amount of attention he is offering them is exactly zero. He doesn’t even remember the last time he listened to them in serious matters.

Calmly he takes a look at the monitor on the wall of awareness and ignores Board’s intellectual mechanics as he has seen through them loooong ago. He has seen through their limited social convictions, superficial influences of others and society and all of the rules of the game of human interactions… and in the situation with the woman he senses affection and gentleness.

Board members are quiet and are holding their breath: “Oh dear, what will happen now?”. One member wants to add something to his notes but he doesn’t dare.

And before Authentic Self decides, the room is graced with the presence of:


The Subtle Self

The Soul or the Subtle Self simply is. Her presence changes the feeling in the room completely, in a positive fashion. Knocked out members regain their consciousness in a heart bear, the rest lift their heads, pick up their notes and the two members who crashed on the flour stand up and silently sit back at the table.

At this table, everyone is welcome. Board members are more relaxed, open and once in a while a word or two is heard. Subtle Self tolerates and acknowledges everyone and everything.

Subtle Self and Authentic Self look at each other and the later wants to express something and he cant utter a word, for a sheer and crystal clear realization dawns on him:

“Oh, f**k, fuuuuuuuuuu******k!
I don’t even exist for real!! My existence is not!
Separate Self doesn’t even exist!!! Not on my own!!”

And the Soul shines with inner Purity and Light even more.

The Soul is full of love, wisdom, power and vulnerability (which is in fact her greatest strength) and in the woman recognizes a kindred spirit from previous lives.

The Soul is aware of the relative importance of relationship with this kindred spirit here on Earth and on other levels of existence and at the same time the Soul is acutely aware she unconditionally and exclusively belongs to and is totally surrendered to the Source Itself. In Her case, that is Mahadevi.

While the Soul is contemplating these notions, the room is lighted up as if the sun itself just came out. The room, which is now in my heart of hearts, is bathed in Pure and Brilliant Light.

Board members, chairs, walls, monitor, flour, Authentic self – everything, indeed everything shines in completely new Light, for the Soul has spontaneously realized:


The Causal Self

The Soul or the Subtle Self has effortlessly dived deeply into Herself and has easily and directly realized Her true and eternal identity.

In Her heart a notion arises:
“Oh my God!!”
And soon after that:
“Wait a second, not Oh My God!”
“I am God!”

The room is completely immersed in the Presence and everything is just fine. No conflict whatsoever, no problem or deficit.

Simply Perfect.

The Causal Self is spontaneously aware of Everything that is, for there is no separateness, no duality at all.

The woman across the table is His manifestation, and He easily recognizes Himself in her. No duality, no distance. There never ever was. He easily accepts everything, for nothing apart from Himself simply does not exist.

He alone is.

The Causal Self manifests many things and one of those things is omnipresence. And using His presence that is everywhere, He spontaneously senses the conversation between two mountain men somewhere in the mountains about this years apples. One man shares his observation that this year some apples are more red than others.

And hearing that, the Causal Self realizes the undeniable truth:

He Himself and the redness of an apple are totally equal, both are only impermanent things in the vast ocean of events. There is no center, no God, and the Causal Self is only one of the impressions upon the Big Mind, just as the redness of an apple or wetness of a water is.

When this insight arises, the Power, Omnipresence, Pristine Presence of the Only One Causal Self simply melts into the Big Mind and what is left is:

The Nondual level

In the head and in the heart total peace arises. There are no Board members left, the room is empty. The Authentic Self is gone, the Subtle Self likewise. And the Causal Self has melted just as water melts in water.

Total identity collapse.

gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā

Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone beyond all the way to the other side.

No one is guiding anything, everything is happening by itself, with no cause and no effect.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.


A more serious description of psychological-transpersonal identity development can be found  here >>


Beyond Maslow

Wilber ladderI would like to share a blog post from Dr Rowan’s web site.

Here is a part of the blog post in question:

“…In 1943, Abraham Maslow launched his theory of a hierarchy of needs. He later elaborated on it, and the latest edition of his book came out 44 years later (Maslow 1987) there is no triangle in this book. At some point in this period, some bright spark (probably a text editor) had the idea of printing out this hierarchy in the form of a triangle or pyramid. This produced a very attractive diagram, and later versions added colour to make it even more so. And this is the version that Hazel Guest has used, adding the extra level (intrinsic values) which she argues for in her article.

What is wrong with the triangle is that it suggests that there is an end-point to personal growth. What is also wrong is that it suggests that this end-point is not far away. So the questions that are raised here are: is there an end-point, and if so where is it?…”

Please, see the whole blog here:




Wilber mapa za telebane :)

Malo za šalo malo zares:

S prijateljico sediva v hotelu za mizo in uživava zelo preobilni zajtrk. In ona se zazre v moje oči in mi prek mize pošlje kiss.

In recimo, da se v moji glavi in v srcu se odvije naslednje dogajanje, opisano po Wilberjevi mapi stanj zavesti:


Mental Ego

Za okroglo mizo v predelu zavesti, ki se mu reče intelekt, sedijo člani Upravnega Odbora in spremljajo popolnoma vse dogajanje. Vseh dvanajst je ponosnih, da so vendarle prišli v Odbor, ki v bistvu odloča o vsem, kar naj bi se dogajalo na planetu integral.life.

In velik, vsaj 90 inčni LCD monitor na zidu v sobi, kjer zaseda Odbor, prikazuje eno žensko bitje, ki pošlje kiss. Kader pošiljanja tega kissa Odbor vrti naprej in nazaj, znova in znova in vsak član Odbora bulji tja v monitor in si hitro dela zapiske.

Vsi pišejo in pišejo, dogodek primerjajo s spomini, analizirajo poteze na obrazu ženske, izraz v očeh, zvoke iz okolja in vse ostalo. Pišejo in pišejo in na glas en prek drugega izražajo svoja mnenja in enostavno ne morejo doseči kompromisa kaj storiti. Vsak član se želi uveljaviti, vsak pelje vodo na svoj mlin. Zavedajo se, da nimajo več take moči kot včasih in vsaj v glavi želijo graditi svojo samo-pomembnost. V življenju integral.life jim to namreč ne uspeva več.

Posamezni člani so zelo inteligentni, vendar polni informacij, projekcij, dvomov, pričakovanj, planov, strahu, kompleksov, vzorcev spodobnega vedenja, posegajo celo po analitično-mističnih metodah tarota, I-chinga, jyotisha z namenom doseganja globljega razumevanja dogajanja itd… in prav vsi imajo obsesivno potrebo po kontroli.

Kaj storiti? Kaj ta ženska sploh hoče? Kakšen je njen namen? What the f**k is happening? Kaj je najbolje storiti? Kako bomo izpadli? Kaj če to ni to? Halo, pa saj to, kar počne ta ženska, se ne spodobi! itd…itd…

No, in medtem, ko Odbor v nedogled debatira, kaj bi bilo najbolje storiti, v sobo vstopi:

Avtentični Jaz

V hipu se sedem članov Odbora enostavno onesvesti, kajti prisotnost Avtentičnega Jaza je tako močna, da ji intelekt enostavno ne more konkurirati. Popisani listi frčijo po zraku, eni člani padejo vznak, drugi telebnejo s čelom na mizo in dva celo padeta na tla. Ostalih pet članov Odbora pa obnemi, češ, sedaj pa imamo hudiča v bajti.

Avtentični Jaz pozna vse člane Odbora do potankosti in jim namenja količino pozornosti, ki je enaka ničli. Niti spomni se več ne, kdaj je pri pomembnih odločitvah nazadnje zares upošteval Odbor.

Mirno se zazre v monitor na steni in ignorira intelektualne akrobacije Odbora, saj je že zdavnaj spregledal njihove omejujoče socialne strukture, plitke vplive okolja ter pravil igre človeških odnosov in v dejanju ženske zazna naklonjenost in nežnost.

Člani Odbora so ob tem tiho kot miške in samo čakajo, kaj se bo zgodilo. En član želi nekaj dodatki svojim zapiskom, vendar si ne upa.

In preden Avtentični Jaz sprejme odločitev, se v sobo pojavi:

Subtilni Jaz

Duša oz Subtilni Jaz enostavno je. Njegova prisotnost v sobi temeljito izboljša vzdušje. Nezavestni člani Odbora pridejo takoj k zavesti, ostali dvignejo glave, poberejo zapiske in tista dva, ki sta telebnila po tleh, se usedeta nazaj za mizo.

Za to mizo so dobrodošli vsi. Člani Odbora nimajo več treme, sprostijo se in sem ter tja pade kakšna beseda. Subtilni Jaz vse mirno tolerira in upošteva vse.

Duša in Avtentični Jaz se spogledata in slednji skuša nekaj izraziti, vendar mu to prepreči ostra in jasna realizacija:

“O fak, faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!
Mene sploh ni! Sam po sebi sploh ne obstajam!
Ločenega Jaza sploh ni!”

In Duša ob tem zasije še s polnejšo močjo.

Duša je polna ljubezni, modrosti, moči in tudi ranljivosti (ki je v bistvu njena največja moč) in v ženski prepozna sorodno dušico, s katero se poznata že vrsto življenj.

Zaveda se relativne pomembnosti prisotnosti te dotične sorodne dušice v njenem obstoju na Zemlji in na ostalih nivojih bivanja, a istočasno se zaveda svoje brezpogojne in izključne pripadnosti in predanosti Izvoru vsega. V primeru te Duše je to Mahadevi.

Ob kontemplaciji teh misli se v trenutku v sobi (ki se je sedaj preselila iz glave v srce) zablešči, kot da bi v sobi vzšlo samo sonce.

Člani Upravnega Odbora, stoli, stene, monitor, tla, Avtentični Jaz – vse, prav vse zablešči v povsem drugačni luči, saj se je Duša spontano zavedla, da je:

Kavzalni Jaz

Duša oz Subtilni Jaz se enostavno pogrezne sam vase in povsem spontano se direktno zave svoje resnične in večne identitete.

V srcu se pojavi zgolj en vtis: “Oh My God!!!!!”
In nato: “Ne, čaki mal, ne “Oh My God”,
ampak “I am God”!!!!!

Soba je sedaj popolnoma presvetljena s Prisotnostjo in vse je povsem v redu. Nobenega konflikta, problema, primanjkljaja.

Preprosta Popolnost.

Kavzalni Jaz se zaveda Vsega, kar je, ločenosti sploh ni. Žensko nasproti zaznava kot svojo lastno manifestacijo in se zlahka prepozna v njej. Ločenosti ni. Nikoli je ni bilo. Z lahkoto sprejema vse, saj ničesar razen Njega Samega enostavno ne obstaja.

Samo Edini.

Kavzalni Jaz ima mnogo lastnosti in ena izmed teh je tudi vseprisotnost. In s pomočjo te vseprisotnosti se spontano zave pogovora dveh sadjarjev, ki daleč stran nekje v gorah komentirata letošnji pridelek jabolk. En sadjar izpostavi, da so nekatera jabolka bolj rdeča kot druga.

In ob tem Kavzalni Jaz prepozna neizpodbitno resnico:

On Sam in rdečina jabolka sta povsem enakovredna, samo dva minljiva dogodka v oceanu dogajanja. Nobenega centra ni, Kavzalni Jaz je samo eden od vtisov v Velikemu Umu, prav tako kot rdečina jabolka ali mokrota vode.

Ob tej realizaciji se Blišč in Moč ter Vseprisotnost in Edinstvenost Kavzalnega Jaza enostavno raztopi v Velikem umu in ostane:

Nedualni nivo

V glavi in v srcu nastopi totalni mir. Članov Odbora več ni, soba je prazna, Avtentični Jaz je izginil, Subtilni jaz prav tako, Kavzalni jaz se je raztopil kot voda v vodi.

Total identity collapse.

gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā

Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone beyond all the way to the other side.

Nihče ne vodi ničesar, vse se dogaja samo po sebi, brez vzroka in posledic.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.


Bolj resen opis razvoja psihološko-transpersonalne identitete lahko preberete tukaj >>

Levels of empathy

There seem to be various kinds of empathy, at least according to the established empirical human psychological-transpersonal identity development model known as the Wilber map. OMG, what a mouthful LOL

In this blog I will elaborate on the subject of empathy from the vantage point of various stages of human consciousness including Mental ego, Authentic Self, Subtle Self, Causal Self and the Nondual level.
I will try to convey my experiences in as practical terms as possible. :)

I would like to invite you to maybe refresh your memory on the subject of identity development as per established Wilber map,
with this blog here >>


Mental ego (Instrumental Self) empathy

Based on the lack of deeper insight into her/his own nature, a person at this level of identity development seems to consider others mostly according to visual clues. “What you see is what you get” might be a good description of a process a person on Mental level operates on. She/he sees, or better yet, she/he ‘thinks’ others mostly through her/his mental capacities, nothing more. No deeper connection with feelings, no openness to inner abundance yet, mostly mental focus. Wild, wild is the wind at this level.

This is the most basic form of empathy, in my experience, which is more of a descriptive kind than anything else.
You cant really hope for receiving really deep and juicy empathy from Mental level, for one can really offer others what s/he her/himself possesses, it would seem.

In practical terms, if you are in a need of a deep and authentic empathy, maybe it would be wise to find authentic person. A person on Mental level doesn’t seem to have what it takes. It would probably take a Mental level oriented person long years if not a decade of dedicated inner work to move on to more soft and empathic Authentic level.

At this level, all seems to be just a role playing, wearing masks, no spontaneous and authentic feelings and deeds.

This level is also called Instrumental Self level, for person at this level uses his/her feelings, talents, body even as a tool to achieve goals in life. And at this level, goals seem to be set by someone else.

“But it is important to remember than even here, empathy is a quality rather than a skill. In other words, empathy cannot really be taught: it is more a question of recognizing it and allowing it to develop.”
– Dr John Rowan


Centuar level or the Authentic empathy

The second level of empathy is, in my experience, much deeper and is sometimes called Imagining the Real, or sensing and feeling with others, and it comes from the Centaur level, the responsible and existential level.

Deep, deep is the water at this level, for a person at the Centuar level can be very opened and in touch with his/her feelings and inner potentials (sometimes called “needs”, a misnomer for the most part, in my opinion). S/he has conquered inner oppression (a shadow as per Jung) and is more or less free in her personal life.

In practical terms that means that a person at this level can easily open up and sense with others, step into their shoes, so to speak. At Centuar level, it is easy to sense/feel even the most deep feelings, no problem. In fact, the lack of feeling deeper inner reality is what might distinguish a Mental level person from an Authentic one, in my opinion.

And since the Authentic level is still (only) a personal level (nothing really spiritual or transpersonal here yet, in my opinion), a person might still operate on the idea of “I am me and you are you” and “I have my own needs and you have yours”. That’s why empathy at this level seems to be only as deep as a person is willing to let go of her/his own identifications, in my experience.

That is also the only reason, as far as I can see, why at this level a person is only trying to feel with others and is only trying to guess the real feelings and needs of others. Hence the “Imagining the Real” is a rather accurate description of an empathy process at this level.

Many (me included, of course) who are into NVC (nonviolent communication system as per Marshall Rosenberg, PhD) or similar humanistic modalities, are perhaps practicing this level of empathy. And it still takes an effort; it is my observation that one really has to have enough self-empathy to be able to offer empathy to others.

Authentic level strikes me as a personal or material level where effort and action and responsibility reside. Maybe that’s why so many people get burned out at this level at least at some point in the process of identity development. Authentic person might still feel s/he has to change things, either on the inner realm or on the outer reality.

I am me and you are you and all I can do is to try to guess what you are feeling and needing, without any labeling or diagnosing, evaluating or validating etc.

Empathy at this level can be really sweet and seems to be many many light years ahead of the empathy a Mental level person is capable to muster up.

I love this kind of empathy.


The Subtle level empathy

The third kind of empathy seems to come from the Subtle transpersonal level, the Soul, and it is sometimes called deep or transcendental empathy and it is a whole new bowl of wax, so to speak. More on the Subtle level as per Wilber map, here >>

Here a person has gone beyond personal stuff (having cleared up the most of his/her Shadow) and is readily embarking upon the transpersonal path. Transpersonal in this context translates to the levels of awareness that are well beyond personal separate feelings and needs.

Personal stuff seems to be limited by the “I and mine” notion – by the so called false ego (ahamkara in Sanskrit) which seem to impregnate a person with the sense of separateness and yearning for change and action which is so common at the Authentic level, according to my observations.

Here at this level of empathy the boundary between me and you may sometimes disappear altogether, and a single transpersonal consciousness emerges. And it is very very liberating, it is Pure Love, two Hearts beating as One.

This is called Linking, the “process” where two transpersonal realized individuals connect deeply with one another at the Soul level and not at the personality level. When this Link surfaces, the “I and mine” and “I am me and you are you” notion fades away completely and there is no need left for guessing the feelings and needs of others, for Unity has presented Itself, powerfully and transparently.

It is this Linking, this state of awareness that is the most juicy and deeply felt empathy I have ever experienced. The heavy burden of the “I am me and you are you” and the effort to connect to others through guessing and trying to “feel with” and “Imagining the Real” is simply gone.

No effort is needed at this level, no need to “Imagine the Real”, for the Real is already fully present and powerfully experienced in real time by both. Qualities that shine forth at this level are surrender and heartfelt openness to what already exists, eternally.

At this level the empathy shines forth as something already fully and eternally present, in my experience. There is no need for creating something anew, no need for establishing some abstract dimension from scratch.

This might be the most glaring difference between the Authentic level and Subtle level in general and the Authentic empathy and Subtle empathy in particular:

there is no need to change anything at the Subtle level, there is no need whatsoever to make an effort to create something or to connect to others, for the One Love is already fully and forever present in our hearts. All it takes is noting the obvious, that’s all.

At this level, to me, the Authentic empathy shames away as a morning twilight before sunrise. The sun of the transpersonal Subtle Self, the immortal and born-less Soul seems to be so, so much more powerful than the Authentic self (to me).

Once experienced, the transcendental or transpersonal empathy leaves deep deep impression upon the psychological makeup of a person and after it nothing is ever the same, in my experience. The Presence and the Love is so strong and so liberating that one wants to experience It again, and again and yet again.
Well, that’s my observation, anyway.

And, as you might have guessed, there is more to experience.


The Causal level empathy

Not much can be said about this level of empathy, for words simply do not apply anymore, in my opinion. Let me try to put it this way:

There is one single, Pristine and Eternal consciousness that is the Source and Manifestation at the same time. It is a level of awareness that is totally and completely transpersonal, even impersonal. And yet, the impersonal in this context to me translates to utter and extreme intimacy.

At this level, there is no juicy empathy as felt at the Subtle level, no sweet and warm empathy as felt at the Authentic level, only the Eternally present Being that is the only One in Existence.

Empathy at this level, to an onlooker, might appear as cold, harsh even. But in reality such state of awareness is far from being cold or lacking anything really. It is just that people in general seem to not be used to such state of awareness and are still needing reassurance, soft touch of the Authentic empathy and Loving Embrace of the Subtle empathy.

At this level, however, it seems to me there is no such thing as soft touch or comfort and no you and me. How can I express anything really to you, when I am deeply aware that separateness is pure illusion.

Empathy at this level, the so called Causal empathy, is strong, completely open and accepting Presence which denies nothing. It is the base of human consciousness, solid as a rock.

Being at the Causal level, to me, implicates a lot and amongst other things it also means being totally Alone.

Sri Rasmana Maharshi is reported to have said (I am paraphrasing here):
don’t build hospitals, schools, don’t feed the hungry. Realize the Self and that way you will help others more than you can possible imagine.

Seems to me that He is speaking about the Causal level empathy here.

Q & A on the Causal level, here >>

Blogs on the Causal level, here >>


The Nondual level empathy

Let me first state that I am referring here to the Buddhist Nondual state of consciousness, not the Vedanta one.
I am speaking here about the annata (non-self) and sunyata (emptiness), which are way beyond the Vedanta (advaita) non-dual which is the Causal level.

Well, not much can be shared about this level of empathy, since to a realized Buddhist non-dualist there is no me, no you, no God up in heaven, no agency and no center whatsoever.

Phenomena is instigated by no one, no one and nothing is in control. And yet, the compassion at this level is so so much real that no amount of words can convey the sheer importance of it.

It is like the whole universe is moving when something is being done. It is total and complete freedom and yet this exact freedom is valuable only as much as others (from a conventional standpoint, of course) are free.

“…Therefore the best king would be Pure Chance.
It is Pure Chance that rules the Universe;
and only therefore, life is good.”
– Aliester Crowley, The Book of Lies, (53) 22

Blogs on the Nondual level, here >>

Thank you for reading this blog.


Cloud number nine?

Nirmala Sundari“…And the moon is out and the stars are bright
and whatever comes s’gonna be alright
Cause tonight you shall be mine – up on cloud number 9
And there ain’t no place that I’d rather be
And we can’t go back but you’re here with me
yeah, the weather is extremely fine – up on cloud number 9…

…we can watch the world go by – up on cloud number 9…”

Cloud number nine < > Causal level